EastEnders fans think they’ve uncovered the true identity of Dave the cat

Dot's beloved pet might not be as cute and fluffy as he seems

EastEnders dealt fans with a dramatic blow this week when Dot Branning tripped over her cat Dave and was on the floor all night until Sonia Fowler came and found her the next day.

But viewers were convinced the kitty being in the way was no accident and, in fact, Dave is Dot’s son nasty Nick Cotton reincarnated. No, seriously.

Dot’s son was a bad egg – is he Dave in disguise? (Credit: BBC)

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Dot adopted street cat Dave when he wandered into her house. He’s gone missing several times, but always comes back and seems to be the former launderette manager’s only friend and source of company.

In Monday night’s episode he caused trouble after Dot had finished making a rum cake for Patrick’s birthday.

Dot’s rum cake never made it to Patrick’s party (Credit: BBC)

She was just putting the baked goods in a tin when Dave got under her feet and Dot went flying, hitting a chair and lying unconscious on the ground.

As Tuesday’s episode saw Dot lying there in pain for most of it, with no one coming to her rescue, Dave was circling her and fans were convinced the cat was in fact the reincarnation of Nick.

Others were just angry at Dave for tripping up their beloved Dot in the first place – and doing nothing to save her.

One even thinks Dave is “plotting world domination” – in EastEnders lately, nothing would surprise us!

There was one lone soul defending Dave though – or at least defending cats in general.

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Thankfully for Dave, and more importantly for Dot, Sonia found the pensioner just in time and will now get her to hospital.

Robbie’s on the hunt for missing Dave (Credit: BBC)

But it seems Dot’s more worried about her cat than she is herself because next week Robbie’s putting up pictures of the moggy who’s missing.

Watching on and doing nothing while his ma was in trouble, always disappearing without warning and then turning up again when least expected, welcomed back by everyone with open arms… Dave couldn’t sound more like Nick Cotton if he tried!

Maybe he is the Square’s original bad boy in disguise…