EastEnders fans slam Danny Dyer’s acting after Mick’s violent outburst at his mum

He went to town at Shirl after she drove Whitney away

EastEnders’ Mick Carter went nuts at his mum Shirley last night and viewers weren’t impressed.

Mick’s slowly been on a downward spiral since he came home and discovered the freehold of the pub had been sold from under him.

Mick’s been drowning his sorrows in the bottom of a whiskey bottle (Credit: BBC)

He finally lost it after finding out Shirley had kicked Whitney out on her ear after she learnt about Whit and Mick’s kiss.

Mick’s been drinking heavily and been angry at the world since his return. Discovering his mum and wife had teamed up to forge his signature and hand over the freehold of The Vic to Max’s dodgy business associates was all too much.

Whitney, of course, was there for him, simpering after him like a puppy dog and offering to be his shoulder to cry on every time he needed it.

She was so comforting in fact, that he ended up kissing her on Friday night. And when he confessed his sins to his mum on Monday, Shirley took charge and confronted Whitney.

Shirley told Whitney to go (Credit: BBC)

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Calling her a “little tart” Shirl told her to pack her bags and leave, which Whit dutifully did.

Shirley’s since been lying to Mick about why Whitney left, while he’s been moping around over her wondering why she hasn’t called him back.

Shirley is desperate for her son to pull himself together (Credit: BBC)

But Shirley wasn’t having any of it and told him to get a grip. As a drunk and angry Mick continued to down the whiskey, Shirley once again confronted him and told him he needed to pull himself together.

As she revealed she slung Whitney out as she was sticking up for Linda, Mick finally lost it, standing up from the table and throwing a glass at the wall just behind Shirley.

Shirley was terrified when Mick chucked his glass at her (Credit: BBC)

It missed her by inches, but as she started sobbing in terror, Mick broke down, insisting he’d never hurt her.

Mick was beside himself as he realised what he’d become (Credit: BBC)

The exchange was heated and dramatic, but many fans on Twitter weren’t impressed with the quality of the acting.

But other fans were full of praise for Mick actor Danny Dyer and Shirley’s alter ego Linda Henry.

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Fans have been divided over the Mick/Whitney storyline, but on the whole, the majority aren’t happy at all with Mick cheating on wife Linda with his son’s estranged missus.

They’ve been tweeting for weeks about how the show is ruining the character, and one fan summed it up last night when Mick said to Shirley “I don’t know who I am anymore”…

Let’s hope they pull Mick back from this violent, angry cheater into the good, caring and happy man he once was.

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