EastEnders fans point out yet another huge error with Michelle

She's always getting it in the neck, isn't she?

EastEnders’ Michelle Fowler has found herself the subject of many tweets recently, and last night was no different.

But this time it wasn’t her fault – it was a production error which left fans in fits of laughter.

The show likes to be topical and often inserts quickly filmed scenes to reflect big events that have happened more recently.

Previously we’ve seen comments on the general election, the Brexit vote, and even the death of Michael Jackson.

And last night we were treated to an extra scene between Michelle and Patrick Truman discussing the recent Grand National.

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The race, which took place on Saturday, saw One For Arthur triumph, and Michelle and Patrick rather poetically sat on Arthur Fowler’s bench in the Square to discuss the horse’s win.

But fans were quick to notice one thing in particular – Michelle’s hair had grown two inches since the last shot we saw her in!

She’d previously been shown in the cafe working alongside her niece, Bex, and her hair was noticeably shorter than when we next saw her on the bench.

To make matters even more confusing, she was then shown in a scene with Sharon afterwards, on the same bench, with her hair shorter again!

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Viewers thought it was hilarious that it was so obvious the scene had been slotted in at the last minute and went on Twitter to make many jokes about her using “miracle grow”!

Fans love to notice a good error in the soap. The last time was when a text was shown on St Patrick’s Day reading Friday 17 February instead of March.

Production will have to tighten up their game if they’re to outwit the eagle-eyed viewers in future!