EastEnders fans outraged as the soap is dropped

The show is once again being taken off air

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This week’s episodes of EastEnders have left fans furious because the show is being taken off air again – right at the crucial moment.

The last three installments have seen disaster hit Albert Square as a bus crashed into the bridge, destroying the market and leaving lives in danger, but we’re going to have to wait even longer to find out what happens next.

With Whitney Carter and Martin Fowler the worst victims, last night we discovered neither of them had life-threatening injuries.

That left the poor bus driver, who’d had a heart attack, as the only death. Fans weren’t impressed with the lack of fatalities though and took to Twitter to share their disappointment:

But it wasn’t just the lack of death that got people talking, nor Whitney’s illicit kiss with father-in-law Mick Carter, it was Max Branning’s secret meeting up the Shard with a very shady looking businessman.

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Their conversation made it sound suspiciously like Max is hoping to flatten Walford and build all over it, with The Queen Vic next in his sights.

“Let it burn, for all I care,” Max told his associate in lines reminiscent of the late Peggy Mitchell who said the same thing when the pub was on fire.

But what have the Carters ever done to Max? Of all the people in Walford who’ve wronged him, surely they’re the least responsible?

EastEnders Max Branning

Whatever Max’s revenge plot is, we’re going to have to wait an extra long time to find out as Friday’s episode of the soap has been cancelled.

Once again shelved from the schedules to make way for an FA Cup match, fans are not happy.

Ed posted on Twitter he’s “gutted it’s not on”.

And Lauren Lawson agreeing “And what’s worse it’s not on tomorrow, gonna have to wait till Monday”.

Julie Summers summed up how many were feeling with her comment:

“It’s not on until Monday cause of stupid football again. eastenders is more important that football”.

We couldn’t agree more!

It’s not the first time this year fans have been in uproar over the show being moved due to the FA Cup.

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So we’re all just going to have to wait until Monday to find out what’s happening with Whitney and Mick, what Max is planning, and just how the Square will cope in the aftermath of the disaster.

It’s gonna be a loooong weekend.