EastEnders fans find phone charger storyline hilarious

Lauren's is definitely a big one...

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EastEnders viewers have found a moment of comedy in what was supposed to be a serious stalking storyline – just how big was the phone charger Steven Beale gave to Lauren Branning?!

Seriously, though, it was ginormous! How could she not have been suspicious over the size of the box?

Steven has been quickly spiralling out of control ever since Lauren started working in the big city for suave and handsome Josh.

Josh clearly wants Lauren for himself, everyone knows it, including Steven, but he’s determined to hang onto Lauren and his family life at all costs.

Lauren on the other hand, is pretty fed up with Walford life. She wants more and Josh can give her that.

But Steven is clinging on like a limpet, and desperate to keep an eye on her, he’s stepped things up from the tracking device on her phone to spying on her with a secret camera.

His plot came about when Abi casually commented the tracker might show where Lauren was, but wouldn’t actually show what she was up to.

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So Steven went home, nicked Lauren’s phone charger, then ordered her a new one.

As he handed her the box with it in, she thanked him and went on her way, not even once questioning that it was almost bigger than her. Is she stupid?!

Fans were very quick to point out just how ridiculous it was, questioning why Lauren didn’t get suspicious over its size.

Another pointed out it would surely say it was actually a spy camera on the box – good point!

But it seems Lauren is completely oblivious to the fact Steven’s behaviour is not normal.

Her sister Abi however, has picked up on it, and it seems she doesn’t care because she’s as psycho as he is!

She’s determined to get her claws into Steven for herself and after bedding him at her 21st birthday party, she managed to get her hooks into him again last night after he witnessed Lauren and Josh messing around on his spy cam.

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Of course, Abi’s only interested in Steven to get one over on Lauren. Have some self-respect, girl.

Next week, Lauren decides she has to end things with Steven and wants to flee back to New Zealand and Peter.

Eh? What about her job? What about Josh? Will she really leave? And how will Steven cope when he finds out she doesn’t love him any more, despite all his, rather creepy, efforts to keep her all to himself?