EastEnders fans baffled by show’s latest blunder

Viewers clearly don't understand how soaps work!

EastEnders fans really need to get a grip. And fast!


Because last night, legions of them took to social media to pour scorn on the soap for including a scene in which it looked like it was snowing – while we in real life basked in the hottest day of 2017 so far!

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One loon questioned, “Why is it snowing in #eastenders when it’s meant to be set in March?”

Another moron added: “It’s snowing on #EastEnders when it’s actually mad hot right now,” while a clueless baboon wrote: “So we have beautiful spring but in #eastenders we have snow.”

In case you missed the scene Martin Fowler (James Bye) was at his stall in the midst of the light snow flurry.

But as most of us with brains know, EastEnders, like many other soaps, is filmed six weeks ahead of transmission, which would explain the bizarre weather conditions. (Unless of course Albert Square is just so endlessly miserable that the sun just never dares to shine! Which is totally believable.)

But that knowledge still didn’t stop some folk from yapping on embarrassingly about the chilly weather conditions.

“Is that snow? It is boiling hot #EastEnders” said a shameless simpleton, while another posted rounded off by asking: “Is it seriously snowing in Eastenders?”

But the unseasonal snowfall wasn’t the most exciting thing about the episode.

Oh no, in last night’s ep, Michelle Fowler’s affair with schoolboy Preston Cooper was exposed, when Bex Fowler confronted her while she was singing in the pub.

Spotting Michelle standing beside Preston while singing in the pub, Bex asked her over the mic system, as you do in Albert Square, “Is it true? Are you sleeping with my boyfriend?”

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What will happen next? Er, well there’s only one way to find out… Watch tonight’s action packed ep!