EastEnders fans are fed up with “boring” revenge storyline

It seems Max Branning is losing fans fast

Soap viewers can be pretty harsh when they want to be and it seems fans of EastEnders have had their fill of one plot in particular.

Max Branning’s revenge plot is dragging out for too long as far as they’re concerned.

The bad news is, actor Jake Wood has recently revealed in an interview with Radio Times that it’s set to be a slow burner possibly running for three years. Three years?! We’re not sure we can take three years of this – and neither are fans.

Last night saw Max visit a potential development site with Lauren. He tried everything he could to keep his daughter away from the place, but Josh insisted Lauren had to go to take some photos for the investors.

When a chauffeur-driven car arrived on site, Lauren was keen to meet whoever was inside, but Max packed her off to a nearby cafe so he could have the meeting in private.

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Then he climbed inside the car and met The Chairman, the mysterious man pulling the strings on the whole plot.

As it was revealed they were buying up the whole of Walford – as we suspected – it emerged Max was behind the sale of the community centre, that Denise and fellow residents are protesting against.

It even became clear that Max was the one who’d engineered the closing down of the launderette, leaving Dot out of a job. How could he?

Max did tell his boss there was one stumbling block in the plan – the pub was going to take a bit longer to get hold of.

“Even with our girl on the inside?” The Chairman asked.

So Fi is working for Max! We knew it. And the whole episode, she spent encouraging Mick to spend more money on staff and do giveaway promotions.

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Mick was going along with it, but Shirley kept commenting Fi obviously wanted to lose money – hang on to that thought, Shirl, you’re right! Is Shirley going to be the key to stopping the whole plot?

At least we know what Max is up to now, but just how they can this keep going for three years is beyond us.

Fans have expressed their frustration with the “boring”

But the revelation of exactly what Max is up to doesn’t explain everything. Destroying brother Jack’s family isn’t going to help him take over the Square, now is it?

Is this a sign Max is cracking slightly? Might he be too focused on his own personal revenge against Jack to have his head in the game with the rest of the plot?

Something’s got to give, and quickly, if viewers are going to keep on board with the dragged-out storyline.