EastEnders bullies take horrible revenge on Louise

We saw this one coming

It was rumoured earlier this week that Louise Mitchell is going to become the next victim of school bullies Alexandra and Madison.

And now it looks like that’s set to happen sooner rather than later as next week they start messing with her.

Bex Fowler has so far been their target, with Alexandra and Madison making her life hell. Bex’s best mate Louise has been joining in with their horrible antics.

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They’ve subjected her to torment including pretending she was eating cat poo, smashing her guitar, and confronting her in the toilets and writing ‘dirty’ on her forehead.

They also stole her phone and texted a naked picture of Shakil Kazemi round the whole school. Shaki’s mate Keegan Baker then made a revenge video of Bex.

It all got too much for the teen last week and she called her mum, Sonia Fowler, to come and help her. The whirlwind that is Son, came back to Walford and went straight to the school and demanded they take action.

It seemed to work as Alexandra and Madison were both called to the head teacher and have been grounded by their parents.

The bullies confronted Bex on Friday, but Bex stormed off, refusing to take any more of their hate. It was unfortunate timing as Louise and Bex had just made inroads in repairing their friendship.

After she’d gone, they told Louise she was “still their girl” and they didn’t “hold a grudge”.

Louise refused to hang out with them, going after Bex, and Alexandra and Madison decided that she needed to be taught a lesson.

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Next week, they pretend to be all pally with her and act like she’s still part of their gang.

But the moment she’s out of the room, they grab her bag and start messing with the contents. What are they up to?

After all the horrible things they’ve done to Bex, there’s no way whatever they’re plotting is good.

Things are set to get worse for Louise in the next few weeks, with Alexandra and Madison proving just how far they’ll go to get revenge on her. Will it push Lou to breaking point?

And what will Sharon do when she finds out? Is it time for Phil to come home and sort these bullies out once and for all?