EastEnders Bernadette: What’s the big secret about her baby daddy’s father?

There's a big question over who this guy is

EastEnders saved us an incest plot last night when it was revealed Keanu Taylor wasn’t the father of his sister Bernadette’s baby.

It was revealed it was a school friend of Bernie’s named Callum.

Bernie still refuses to name the dad to Karen (Credit: BBC)

But something was very odd about the lad’s reaction to the news Bernadette is pregnant with his child – namely the fact he kept going on and on about his dad.

It seems Callum’s father is someone to worry about – but why?

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While Bernadette was meeting up with Callum to tell them they were having a baby, back at the Taylors’ Karen was confronting Keanu about whether or not he was the baby daddy.

On Friday, Karen had overheard a conversation between her son and daughter which had led her – and us viewers at home – to believe Keanu had got Bernie pregnant.

Keanu was furious his mum could think such a thing (Credit: BBC)

Naturally, Keanu was outraged at the suggestion and insisted he would never do anything like that to his 15-year-old sister. Phew.

He then told his mum that although he knows who the dad is, he wasn’t telling her anything other than it’s someone Bernie goes to school with.

Back at the allotments young Callum had broken down in tears as he found out he was going to be a father and after offering Bernadette the “£16 left over from his Christmas money”, he kept exclaiming: “But what about my dad?”

Tearful Callum is clearly afraid of his dad (Credit: BBC)

Bernadette assured him his dad never needed to know. But it was strange that Callum was so worried about his dad’s reaction – there must be more to it. Hold that thought…

When Keanu and Bernie were talking later she told him Callum was worried about his dad, and Keanu insisted:

“If his dad ends up finding out, you’re not to worry. I’ll make sure he doesn’t hurt you or the baby.”

Keanu promised he make sure everything was all right for his sister (Credit: BBC)

Eh? Why would anyone want to hurt a young mum and baby? This guy sounds like a right rotter.

So it would seem the crux of this storyline is actually Callum and his, presumably abusive, father. Do we know the dad already?

One fan’s theory could hold a fair bit of water – that it’s Michelle’s train stalker, Tom.

We like the thought of this. It feels like we must know the dad already and no one on the Square is likely to have a 15-year-old son that they’re in contact with and we don’t know about.

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Tom has also shown himself to be a rather unhinged man. He’s all smiles and pleasant with Michelle as he feeds her stories about his dead wife, but when her back’s turned, he’s a bit of a psycho.

Tom is pretty scary (Credit: BBC)

We’ve seen him standing outside her house looking at secret photos of her on his phone, and we’ve also seen him squaring up to man on the street who accidentally bumped into him. It really seems like he’s not a nice guy at all.

So could this Tom be Callum’s dad? And just how much danger are Bernadette and Callum (not to mention Michelle) in from this guy if he is?