EastEnders: Aunt Babe to be killed off?

It's what the fans are calling for as she stitches Mick up

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EastEnders fans were outraged when Babe Smith framed Mick Carter for serving alcohol for breakfast in The Vic.

Now they’re calling for her head as she tries to lie her way out of jail.

We’ve all seen as Babe has been pouring beer from coffee pots and keeping it a secret from Mick.

Her intentions might have been admirable – trying to help the pub bring in more cash so they can pay off all their debts, but even she knew Mick would be fuming if he found out.

So far, Mick’s been kept in the dark, but a competitive Kathy Beale, who was pretty furious the boozer was stealing the cafe’s breakfast customers, tipped the cops off.

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As the Carter clan were led away in handcuffs, Mick couldn’t believe what they were being accused of, and Babe was shouting:

“It’s just breakfast!”

Under questioning Mick repeatedly denied all knowledge of the alcohol incident, like an old pro, Shirley stated “no comment”, but Babe if we thought Babe might fall on her sword, we were wrong.

Instead, she stitched her clan up good and proper.

“I knew, of course I knew, I was the one serving it,” she said giving them her very best innocent eyes.

“It weren’t my decision, I’m just the cook. Do the eggs, fry the rashers and keep my head down.

“I got the impression money was tight, I wouldn’t know for sure, I’m just the cook they don’t let me look at the books, but Mick said we do everything we can to bring more money in.”

It was a pretty impressive performance and it wasn’t long before the cops homed in on Mick as being behind the whole scam.

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As the Carter’s prepared themselves for a night in the cells, fans have had just about enough of Aunt Babe and took to Twitter to express how they felt.

“@bbceastenders if you don’t kill off Aunt Babe soon I am going to have to stop watching. She literally brings rising bile to my throat [sic]” said Mau.

Unknown simply said: “I hate Aunt Babe [sic]”.

“That Aunt Babe off of EastEnders is pure evil. Someone kill her [sic],” another user cried.

And Sawds said: “Why is Aunt Babe still alive? [sic]”

With Babe actress Annette Badland’s exit not far off, will she do the right thing and take the blame for what she’s done?

Or will viewers get their wish and see her killed off?