EastEnders: ANOTHER bombshell secret is on its way from the Taylors

They've certainly made their presence felt

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They’ve been in Albert Square five minutes and already they’ve had us EastEnders fans in a lather.

Not only did the Taylors arrive in Walford with a bang, we were flabbergasted when it was revealed – in a shock twist this week – that Keegan Baker was one of mum Karen’s multiple offspring.

We were flabbergasted to discover that Keegan was one of Karen’s many kids (Credit: BBC)

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Then, in last night’s episode, the family found themselves in hot water when Keegan was accused of date raping Louise Mitchell.

To make matters worse, mum Karen then gave Sharon a whack across the puss during a row about what Keegan had – seemingly – done.

Karen gave Sharon a wallop during a row about what Keegan had done to Louise (credit: BBC)

The episode ended with both mum and son being hauled off by the fuzz for questioning – despite Keegan claiming he had made the whole thing up – with Karen making threats to Sharon as she was bundled into a cop car.

Karen was bundled into a police car as she spat threats at Sharon (Credit: BBC)

But if viewers thought that was enough to deal with, we can all look forward to the family causing even more grief for the residents of Albert Square.

We will also discover a BIG secret about why the family have come to Albert Square.

Last night we heard Karen calling the dole office to give them a change of address from a nearby tower block.

What is Karen running away from? (Credit: BBC)

If that’s not all, at the end of the episode when Jaz, the handsome policeman, came to take away Keegan, Karen made it clear that he was no stranger to the family…

Handsome policeman Jaz got uncomfortable when Karen made it clear they knew each other (Credit: BBC)

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Because she appeared to be rather familiar with the copper, he hastily assured his colleague that they didn’t actually know each other socially. But how do they know each other, eh?

So the question is, what is their big secret? What is the REAL reason they were forced to come to Albert Square?

What did Karen and her brood do that meant they had to leave their home for pastures new?

We can’t wait to find out.