Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford reveal they’re attending a swingers party

Tmi, guys, TMI!

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Eamonn Holmes and wife Ruth Langsford have revealed they are set to attend a swingers party this weekend.

But the presenting duo insisted it’s just for a new show they are hosting – The Seven Year Itch.

Co-star Rylan Clark-Neal was left completely shocked after they confessed their saucy plans.

The pair looked very embarrassed after Rylan asked them about their weekend plans (Credit: ITV)

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Eamonn and Ruth, both 57, will front a brand new series which will look into how married couples keep the spark in their relationship alive and how they themselves keep their romance blossoming.

As today’s This Morning came to an end Rylan, 28, was eager to know what the pair’s plans were for the weekend. He asked the hosts: “You got any plans for the weekend?”

Clearly embarrassed to reveal what they would be up to Ruth started giggling before she said: “We have actually.”

Eamonn added: “We’re filming a top secret project. I can’t tell you.”

Rylan then said: “Go on, tell me. Tell me before we fall off air, we’ve got 20 seconds! I’m gonna say if you don’t.

With Eamonn and Ruth determined not to tell viewers Rylan blurted out: “You’re going to a swinger sex party, ain’t you?”

Rylan was quick to blurt out what they will be getting up to (Credit: ITV)

Ruth was quick to jump in as she said: “But we’re not at it! We’re reporting on it,” before wrapping up the show.

The couple are set to tour the country to find out the different ways other couples spice up their relationships.

A source told The Sun: “Ruth and Eamonn are such loveable characters on ITV – so producers jumped at the opportunity to work with them again on a brand new show.

“They’ve always been amazingly honest on This Morning and Loose Women about their marriage and have always worn their hearts on their sleeves.

“Like all couples, their relationship has been through ups and downs but in the celebrity world they have one of the strongest bonds.”

The couple are set to host a new show based around marriage and relationships (Credit: FameFlynet)

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The brand new series will mark the pair’s seventh wedding anniversary after they tied the knot in 2010.

Speaking about how they keep their relationship healthy Ruth revealed: “I never talk about work at home.

“We have date nights, although Eamonn’s much better than me at instigating them. He’s definitely the more romantic one.”

Eamonn then joked: “I’m more grateful to be in this relationship than Ruth is!”

The series is set to air sometime this summer to mark their anniversary.

The pair recently hosted a brand new series of How The Other Half Lives.

The couple recently spent time in Dubai for their latest stint (Credit: Channel 5)

The stars first jetted off to Dubai before making a stop in Russia to see how millionaires truly choose to spend their wealth.

During their trip to Dubai the pair saw a bunch of roses that will live forever and gold plated business cards worth £1500 EACH.

They then headed into the desert to spend a night of luxury under the stars.

The pair also explored Dubai’s police force whose cars included Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bugattis.

Ruth and Eamonn have had three successful and highly entertaining series and a fourth is on the way.