Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans notice a familiar face in last night’s episode

The actor was on the tube with Michelle, Martin and Stacey

EastEnders fans have predicted a recognisable face will be joining the cast shortly, after he appeared in Thursday night’s episode.

The star was seen on the tube with Michelle Fowler, and although he didn’t actually have a speaking part, viewers immediately knew who he was and began speculating on Twitter that he would be joining the show very soon.

Michelle, Martin and Stacey were all on the tube together (Credit: BBC)

Daniel Casey, who is best known for playing Midsomer Murders Sergeant Gavin Troy, had a nosebleed on the tube on EastEnders last night.

Daniel was in Midsomer Murders alongside John Nettles (Credit: ITV)

Stacey, Martin and Michelle Fowler were also on the packed underground carriage, but it was only Michelle who noticed the man.

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Michelle handed Troy from Midsomer Murders a tissue (Credit: BBC)

As they were getting off at their stop, she saw he was really suffering and quickly reached into her bag to pass him a tissue.

She promised him the hanky was clean and told him he needed to pinch the bridge of his nose to stop the bleeding.

Michelle was a good citizen (Credit: BBC)

He looked a bit confused that someone had helped him out and been so nice to him, but then he looked after her for a bit too long.

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Does his lingering look suggest he’ll track her down? (Credit: BBC)

It was a rather bizarre scene, especially if it’s not going to lead to anything, which leads us, and many fans to believe this won’t be the last we’ll see of old Troy.

Is he going to be a love interest for Michelle? He’s certainly more age appropriate than her last fella, Preston.

The tube seemed to be a big talking point from the episode, with many viewers quick to pick up on the fact the tube wasn’t actually moving!

Martin and Stacey got on a packed tube (Credit: BBC)

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The carriage appeared very steady for an underground service. In fact it didn’t seem to move at all, let alone throw the passengers about as it stopped and started.

Viewers thought the whole thing was hilarious, with one even suggesting it might be made of cardboard.