Danniella Westbrook headed to rehab to fix herself once and all…

After some worrying behaviour she's ready to be fixed

We’ve been growing concerned about actress Danniella Westbrook of late.

The troubled star has been papped in Marbella more times than it looks like she’s had hot dinners, snogging toy boys, wearing skimpy outfits and pole dancing.

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But thankfully it looks like Danniella might be finally trying to pull herself together.

The former soap star, who has battled with drug addiction for much of her life and suffered a cocaine relapse last year due to the agony of her botched dental implants, says that she is planning to check into rehab in a bid to “kick all [her] addictions once and for all”.

Danniella had jetted out to Marbella to “work on herself” and now says she will be checking herself into rehab during her stay.

“So looking forward 2 working on myself &kick all addictions& demons once & for all. I can’t wait 2 check in 2 treatment.”

She also said in her Instagram message that her appearance on Channel 5’s  In Therapy had caused her a “lot of heart ache” and brought up “painful childhood memories & trauma that the show didn’t fix”.

She also said that a lot that pain was down to a“total lie and sham of a marriage, the illness from botched bodies” and breaking up the man she described as “the only man [she] ever loved”, George Arnold.

Danniella also said that she was taking this important step not just for her own well being but to ensure that her nearest and dearest no longer worry about her.

” I think it’s time I did this once and for all for myself my kids and my very small but close circle of friends.”

She finished the note with: “We all make mistakes it’s life but it’s what we choose to do about those mistakes that count xx”.

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Danniella will be staying at rehabilitation centre Villa Paradiso in Mijas Hills, Marbella which offers several types of programmes which focus on addictions, behavioural disorders and co-occurring conditions such as bi-polar disorder and depression.

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