Cringe! X Factor contestant messes up surprise proposal in front of judges and audience…

It's the thought that counts...

It’s that time of year when The X Factor’s promotional machine kicks into action.

Even though we’re still some weeks away from the new series already stories are leaking from the recordings of the show.

And it’s not about the hopeful’s singing.

One of the auditionees shocked the judging panel by proposing to his girlfriend.

One contestant surprised his girlfriend by proposing (Credit: ITV)

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When Sam Black strolled on stage with stars in his eyes, none of the judges knew what was going to happen next.

After he’d performed his song and had got his critique, Sam explained that he wanted to do something that would not only change his life, but also the life of another – his girlfriend, Emma.

Calling her on stage from the audience, he shocked her by slipping to one knee, whipping out a ring and popping the question.

Only, when he went to slip the engagement ring on Emma’s finger, he messed up and put it on the wrong one. Doh!

Even Simon Cowell noticed the loved up fella had put the ring on the wrong finger (Credit: ITV) 

The mistake didn’t go unnoticed by show boss Simon Cowell.

“I’m no expert at this but you’ve just put the ring on the wrong hand!” he joked.

An audience member told The Mirror: “Sam was at the end of his audition when he made the move and called Emma out from the audience.

“It was a great moment and Simon gave the couple a big thumbs up and all the judges were cheering.”

Luckily for Sam, Emma said yes and burst into tears while the silly fella put the ring on the correct finger.

But we guess you’re wondering whether or not Sam got through to the next round.

Well, we couldn’t possibly say. So you’ll just have to wait to see what happens next.

Meanwhile, Simon has been a pesky so-and-so during filming.

Simon has teased that Nicole is in a relationship with a contestant (Credit: ITV)

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He has been rubbing Nicole Scherzinger up the wrong way by suggesting that she is in a relationship with a contestant.

Joking on stage he said:  “We have a budding X Factor romance. It’s never happened before between a judge and a contestant.

“It’s Nicole and I can predict a wedding in 12 months.”

Oooh, who could he be talking about? Which fella got Nicole feeling all frisky? We’ll have to wait and see.

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