Corrie’s Eva and Michelle in vicious hair-pulling cat fight!

Rage takes over and Leanne's sister gets whacked!

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You can’t really blame Corrie’s Michelle for being angry, can you?

After all, not only has she lost a baby, she has just found out her husband Steve has fathered another woman’s baby.

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It’s not really such a surprise that she’s losing the plot and getting fist happy!

Last Friday, hubby Steve confessed that he was the father of Leanne’s newborn baby.

This was enough to send the enraged and heartbroken landlady into a tizzy, resulting in her giving Leanne a proper whack across the face.

Now poor Eva is the next Corrie resident to feel the brunt of Michelle’s anger.

In a new episode, Kim Marsh’s character loses her mind when barmaid Eva Price tries to stop Michelle from handing out free drinks to customers at the Rovers in a bid to ruin Steve and mum Liz.

But Michelle is having none of it and tells Eva – who is Leanne’s sister – to get out of her pub.

When she refuses Michelle grabs her by the hair and viewers are treated to a girl-on-girl catfight not seen since the heady days of Dynasty!

“She just sees red. Eva is Leanne’s sister and Michelle will not be told what to do by her, ” Kym Marsh says of the incident.

“She grabs her hair and drags her out of the Rovers. It is a good old-fashioned Corrie scrap.”

Cath Tyldesley, who plays Eva, said she loved the catfight scenes.

“It was brilliant,” she said, adding, “I have wanted Eva to have a scrap for ages.

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“I think Eva would do quite well in a proper fight as she is feisty but she is taken a bit by surprise by Michelle. When I told my husband Tom that I had a cat fight coming up with Kym Marsh his words were ‘Salford vs Wigan! This will be a god ep.”

The catfight is the latest dramatic development in the storyline which looks set to run and run for weeks as Steve and Michelle play out their very messy break up in public.

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