Corrie’s Faye reveals why she won’t marry her popstar boyfriend

The time just isn't right, she says...

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Gorgeous Faye Brookes has been dating Pop Idol star Gareth Gates for five years and we’re still waiting for news of an engagement.

But it looks like we’re in for a long wait because Faye says she is not ready to tie the knot just yet.

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“We’ve talked about marriage and that day will come, I’m sure of it, but that’s for now,” she told Fabulous magazine.

“Every Valentine’s Day the conversation comes up. I’m like ‘Listen, I’m totally career-driven’ and he knows that.

But if you’re worried that she’s got cold feet and has her eye on other fellas, don’t worry you heads about it. Gareth is most definitely the one for her.

“I’ve found the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with and if  he does propose, then it’s going to be a complete surprise.”

While that is the case now, Faye does admit that she wasn’t actually overly impressed with Gareth when she first met him, whilst starring in the UK tour of Legally Blonde The Musical.

“When we met, I was so focused on my job that I wasn’t bothered and thought ‘Gareth Gates, who?,” she remembers. “I was like that because I was a Will Young fan.

“When Gareth walked on stage, he was wearing double denim and I said to myself: ‘Who does he think he is?'”

It was only a few months later when they appeared in Sleeping Beauty that Faye realised she had actually found her Prince Charming.

“It was a real fairy tale,” she recalls. “I totally believe in fate and that he was meant to walk into my life for a reason.

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“He became my best friend and it blossomed in to us becoming this unbelievable duo.

“He was the one who allowed me to let my guard down – for me to be silly and not let my guard down.”

Aww, what a lovely story. Now, Gaz – get a move on and pop that question!

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