Corrie’s Chris Harper reveals Nathan’s fate – and it will make fans happy

He will not get away with abusing Bethany forever

It’s been one of Coronation Street’s most compelling, albeit disturbing, storylines.

The grooming of Bethany Platt has proven to be a very valuable story for the show to cover.

Coinciding with the BBC One airing of Three Girls – about the abuse of young girls in Rochdale – the issue has hit home all the harder.

Right now, it looks like there is no end in sight to Bethany’s plight; she is refusing to accept that she is a victim, or than Nathan’s behaviour is abuse.

In upcoming episodes she will agree to go abroad with her so-called fiancé – but while she thinks it’s a fresh start for her benefit, Nathan plans to sell her to men in a foreign country, away from people who care about her.

But, rest assured, the evil predator will eventually get his comeuppance.

Chris Harper, who plays him, has revealed in an interview with OK! magazine that the psycho will meet a “sticky end”.

Exactly what form that will take remains to be seen, but Chris confirmed that he is “spiralling” towards it.

For the storyline to help make a positive difference, really Nathan needs to go to prison.

We all need to see him go through a trial – and for Bethany’s story to be believed.

We need justice to be done – so victims in real-life situations know they can get the same.

What happens once he’s locked up… well… that’s a whole other plot conversation.