Corrie’s Cath hits back at fans who accuse her of Photoshopping her pics

Eagle-eyed fans saw something strange about one of gorgeous actress's pics

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Celebs may earn pots of cash and get handed freebies left, right and centre, but a showbiz lifestyle isn’t always a walk in the park.

There can also be a negative side to it.

Stars can get stalked, get hassled by paps and they can find themselves constantly under attack from the public who are fast to judge them on everything they do – as Corrie star Catherine Tyldelsey found first hand out this week!

Eva has just found out that her fiance Aidan has been cheating on her with Maria (Credit: ITV)

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While fans this week have felt for her character Eva after she found out that her fiance Aidan (Shayne Ward) is doing the dirty on her with Maria (Samia Longchambon), they weren’t as kind when she posted several holiday pictures on her instagram account.

One pic in particular had fans scratching their noggins and had them bombarding Cath with questions about whether or not the picture had been doctored or not.

Have a look at the picture below and see if you can see why…

This picture had fans bombarding her with questions. Can you see why? (Credit: Instagram)

Go on, look closely…. Can you see what is it yet?

Yes, fans have suggested that the keep fit fanatic has been doctoring her photographs to look leaner and smoother than she does in real life.

Their reason for thinking this?

Her missing belly button.

Yes, look at the picture again and you’ll notice that her flat smooth tum is so flat and smooth there’s actually no belly button.

Where the hell is her belly button? (credit: Instagram)

But a slightly peeved Catherine has hit back at the criticism but has done so with humour, even though in reality she should just ignore online trolls and be proud of her gorgeous figure.

“[My belly button is] just above my briefs! Ha ha. Mum Tum hiding it,” explained the mum of one.

Mum tum? Well, it looks pretty flat to us.

Perhaps her bikini briefs are covering her belly button.

That would have made for a much better reason, as we can’t see any over-hang there whatsoever.

Nevertheless, fans marvelled at her amazing physique in other pictures she had posted during her hols in Tenerife.

In another snap, which showed off her tiny waist as she sat on her lounger in a cut-out black swimsuit, giddy fans praised her saying stuff like: “Holy moly you are stunning!” and “You are gorgeous and perfect”.

Hilarious as she is, Catherine said in the caption of the snap: “sun game is strong …got a feeling that I might look like a giant waffle when I take this swimsuit off.”

Back in the UK, fitness fanatic Cath was straight back to the gym where she explained she was being put through a series of punishing exercise routines with the celeb trainer known as Evil Steve.

She captioned her video: “When you’re hoping #EvilSteve might go easy on you and he throws a few of these in at the end of your sesh… #ooooowwwwch #EvilSteve.”

Catherine shed six stone when she decided she was sick of being the “fat funny friend”

A couple of years ago Catherine, revealed that she had lost six stone because she was sick of being the “fat funny friend” but admitted that she found it hard to maintain her astonishing weight loss.

“It’s a struggle,” she’s said. “At Christmas time, Fat Cath is dying to make a comeback.”

In 2015, she gave birth to baby Alfie and admirably managed to shed the baby weight with ease but admits that she has always tried to stay as fit as possible and eat healthily.

“I’ve always been active,” she has said. “I was lifting weights when I was seven months pregnant. People were tweeting their shock at that but if you’ve always done it, there’s no way you can’t not carry on.

Catherine says she likes to stay fit and active to maintain her weight (credit: Instagram)

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She added: “I went back to the gym less than six weeks after giving birth. But safely.

“I was doing hill sprints with him in his pram. There’s a little bit more pressure with my job. Especially because Eva is always in ridiculously tight dresses. My dad always has to avert his eyes.”

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