Corrie star Andy Whyment reveals an intimate detail about his life

Ah, so that's why we will no longer be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet in the Whyment household

Well there’s nothing like bit of honesty…

And when Andy Whyment – Kirk off Corrie – was asked a question by OK! magazine this week, he didn’t hesitate in giving a very open answer that shocked readers.

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When innocently ask if he and Nichola, his gorgeous wife of ten years, planned to have more children any time soon, he replied: “There’s no chance of that – I had the snip a few years ago!”


Andy, who already has two cute kids Tom and Hollie (above), says that it was an easy decision for them to make.

“We said we wanted two kids and we have been really fortunate to have a boy and a girl.

But just because kids are out of the question doesn’t mean Andy isn’t a romantic.

To celebrate the couple’s tenth anniversary, he is planning to take his wife on a cruise around the Caribbean – though it doesn’t actually look like it’s going to be as romantic as it sounds.

“The kids are coming and Nic’s parents as well,” he told OK!

“My parents were going to come but they’d already booked up a cruise for this year.”

In spite of ten years of marriage, Andy says he is still just as much in love with his wife.

“Nic is my best mate,” he said. “We always make each other laugh. I’ve been punching above my weight for years – she’s gorgeous!

“I’m a very lucky bloke. We’ve been to gather 14 years and we just don’t argue. We get on so well.”

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When asked if he fancied renewing their wedding vows to mark their decade as a married couple, Andy said he was happy to wait for a while longer, even though Nic has other ideas.

“I would like to wait [to renew our vows], but Nic would renew our vows tomorrow as she feels like she was a very young bride, so she would do it again.”