Corrie SPOILER: Nick turns to booze as split from Leanne looms

Is this going to drive a wedge between them?

Coronation Street’s Nick Tilsley gets nasty next week as he struggles to cope with Leanne’s relationships with Steve McDonald and Peter Barlow.

As he hits the bottle, things with Leanne are at rock bottom. Can he pull himself together and win her back?

Nick’s already unhappy with Leanne allowing Steve to spend time with baby Ollie. Nick’s desperate to be a dad to the child, but Leanne knows it’s not right when his real dad lives only doors away.

Nick gives in and halfheartedly invites Steve to Ollie’s naming ceremony, but Steve’s unimpressed with Nick’s attitude and declines the invite.

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Meanwhile, Nick’s other nemesis, Peter, is also getting him worked up. When Leanne goes into bat for Peter and confronts his stalker Chloe over her lies, Nick’s furious.

Acting like a child, Nick doesn’t turn up to Ollie’s naming ceremony in the Bistro.

When he’s not there, brother David Platt heads off to find him and get to the bottom of what’s going on. He discovers Nick downing the drinks and wallowing in self pity over Leanne and her connections to both Peter and Steve.

David tries to talk some sense into his sibling, insisting he should be thankful for what he’s got. But it falls on deaf ears as Nick still refuses to go to the ceremony and Leanne’s upset at his behaviour.

With relations already seriously strained, Leanne finds herself at the end of her tether. When the stress leads her to be distracted and she finds herself locked out of the flat with Ollie inside, panic sets in.

She calls Nick, who arrives to save the day, but as she questions her own parenting skills, he does nothing to reassure her and ends up making her feel 10 times worse. Nice one, Nick.

He lays into her telling her she’s putting her ex-husband before her own son, worrying about Peter when she should be concerned with Ollie.

Leanne breaks down, thinking he’s right, and confides in Toyah her fears she’s a terrible mum and she’s losing Nick.

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Toyah is fuming and that old Battersby fire comes out as she marches over to see Nick and asks him what he’s playing at saying all that to her sister.

She accuses him of bullying Leanne because he’s jealous of Steve and Peter, but will Nick realise she’s right?

Can he make things up with Lee before it’s too late? Or has he lost her for good?

We know actor Ben Price is leaving the soap soon to spend more time with his family, so we can’t help feeling this is the beginning of the end…