Corrie SPOILER: Mary to leave after reuniting with long-lost son?

Beloved character revealed she gave birth as a teenager

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Coronation Street fans were left in floods of tears as Mary Taylor revealed her shocking secret this week: that she was raped as a teenager and mothered – and then abandoned – her baby son.

The florist, played by Patti Clare, broke down while revealing all to Norris Cole (Malcom Hebden) after days of strange behaviour.

However, new reports have hinted that Mary may actually leave the cobbles after finally meeting her long lost son this Christmas, meaning Corrie fans will have even more of a reason to bawl their eyes out over the dramatic ITV soap.

Coronation Street

Mary shared the details of giving birth to a secret son as a teenager with Norris in Wednesday’s episode.

She revealed she was raped by a church minister after babysitting for his children at age 14, and that she gave the baby up after giving birth.

She explained: “I gave birth at home, but I did see him just for a moment. A nurse called Maureen Nuttall found him on the step of St Jude’s, Newton-le-Willows.

“And I read in a newspaper that she was the one that named him – Jude. Such a lovely name. That’s all I know.”

Norris prompted her to search for him, but she appeared concerned, worried that he would not accept her decision to leave him.

However, in an episode of Corrie – set to air this Christmas – she finally comes face-to-face with her grown-up son.

Coronation Street

She’s happy to learn that Jude, played by Paddy Wallace, had a wonderful childhood after giving him up for adoption, but will she be able to confess to his father’s true identity?

And will she, after being prompted by Jude, leave Coronation Street behind to move to start a new life with him and his wife in South Africa?