Coronation Street SPOILER: Leanne set for “hellish” birth

Is Steve in danger of losing another baby?

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Leanne Battersby is set for a ‘hellish’ birth when she goes into labour in a lift.

The mum-to-be is expecting Steve’s baby after an ill-fated one-night stand, but almost everyone in Weatherfield thinks it’s Nick’s.

Steve’s recently lost his baby, Ruairi, with wife Michelle at 23 weeks and is desperately trying to support her.

He wants nothing to do with Leanne’s child for fear it would wreck his marriage. But if he hears the baby might be in danger, will he be able to stay away?

A Corrie insider revealed to The Sun:

“Leanne faces a hellish birth as she gets stuck in a lift at Victoria Court just as her waters break. Her step-sister Toyah has to be the midwife.”

It’s a difficult labour with Toyah the only person by Leanne’s side, but will the baby be okay?

Could Steve stand to lose another son so soon?

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The situation does have one good thing come of it, though – Nick proposes to Leanne. Could it be fourth time lucky for them?

They first wed as teens at Gretna Green in 1998, but that ended in divorce.

Christmas 2012 saw them fail to make it down the aisle after jealous Eva Price revealed Leanne had feelings for Peter, but they managed to re-book the wedding and say ‘I do’ in January 2013.

After Nick sustained a brain injury, they divorced again, but with this latest proposal Nick really believes it’s their time.

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Although with the baby secret bubbling away, it can’t be long before it comes out. Can Nick and Leanne survive the fallout?

Will Nick really be able to take on the role of daddy when Steve only lives metres away – and will Steve even let him?