TONIGHT’S CORRIE: David discovers Shona is Clayton’s mum?

Could Shona's cosy new life be about to come crumbling down around her?

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The problem with having a secret in Soap Land is that it can’t stay a secret for very long. That’s not the way these things work.

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So as soon as Shona Ramsey rocked up in Coronation Street, all mysterious-like, we knew there was something shady about her.

And sure enough, we then saw her hanging out at Kylie Platt’s grave – huh?

Fans went crazy with theories, but we were all left with our mouths open when she walked into that juvenile detention centre and Killer Clayton called her ‘Mum’.

Since then, it’s only really been a matter of time until David Platt discovered the truth – Shona’s son killed his wife.

And if that wasn’t complicated enough already, Shona also had a connection to Nathan Curtis and got herself beaten up this week when she warned him off Bethany.

Then they get more complicated again when David kisses her next week. Yikes.

He finds out that her operation to remove her ruptured spleen was complicated because of her c-section scar.

Shona being a mother is obviously brand new news to David. Billy explains that she had a son but lost him.

When Shona comes round, she tells David about ‘Jimmy’ who went off the rails. This is when David leans in and kisses her.

His mum, Gail, sees the whole thing which is a bit stalky, and warns David that it’s too soon after Kylie’s death for him to be moving on.

Obvs, WE know that Gail knows Shona’s secret.

But, later in the week, it looks like David could soon be in on it too when he takes the kids to Kylie’s grave and finds Shona there.

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How will she explain her way out of this one? And how will David react if he finds out the truth?