Corrie SPOILER: Bethany in more danger as the charges against Nathan are DROPPED

All her worst nightmares seem to be coming true

It’s a heartbreaking moment for Coronation Street’s Bethany Platt when the police reveal they’ve dropped the charges against Nathan Curtis.

It’s the news no one wants to hear – just how will he get his comeuppance now?

Sarah doesn’t know how to help Bethany (Credit: ITV)

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And as Sarah turns to someone close for advice and comfort, is she unwittingly putting her daughter in more danger?

Bethany bravely reported Nathan and gave a statement to the police about all the things he’d done to her, after he tried to traffic her out of the country and sell her as a sex slave in Belgium.

But despite telling the authorities almost everything she knew, she’s yet to reveal policeman Neil Clifton’s involvement in the whole thing.

Mary is proving to be a tower of strength (Credit: ITV)

As she struggles to come to terms with everything that’s happened to her as part of Nathan’s evil grooming plot, Bethany confides in Mary.

Finding comfort in someone who was also a victim of rape, Bethany finds it’s really helping having her to talk to.

But a big blow is about to come when the police turn up at the Platts’ and deliver the news to Sarah that the charges against Nathan have been dropped because the Crown Prosecution Service don’t have sufficient evidence to pursue the case.

The police deliver the devastating news the case against Nathan is being dropped (Credit: ITV)

A devastated Sarah is forced to deliver the news to an already vulnerable Bethany, who immediately blames herself for falling for Nathan in the first place.

As Sarah and Mary are both left wishing they could do more to help the troubled teen, especially given her history of self-harm, Sarah hits on an idea to help her daughter.

She vows to talk to the “friendly” police officer who’s been so involved in the case and see if there’s anything they can do or any answers they can get out of him.

Sarah thinks Neil could help Bethany (Credit: ITV)

The problem with her plan is that the cop in question is actually nasty Neil, the first man to rape Bethany and the officer who’s been covering Nathan’s tracks behind the scenes.

Is Sarah unknowingly putting her daughter in danger again by putting her back in Neil’s orbit?

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But Sarah has no idea Neil’s a huge part of the problem (Credit: ITV)

Or will this be the moment that Bethany finally comes clean about his involvement and gets him sent down as well?

Fortunately, there have been lots of reports that both Nathan and Neil will get their comeuppance and Bethany will get justice. Let’s just hope it comes sooner rather than later.