Corrie SPOILER: An ARREST is made in the search for Ken’s attacker

But who have the police got in custody?

With the police upping the pressure in their hunt for Ken Barlow’s attacker, the whole family are on tenterhooks.

But as they start to turn on each other, one of them is about to be arrested for the assault. Is it the right person though?

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Adam Barlow is the guy who finds himself in the firing line, after he’s set up to take the fall by Amy Barlow.

The Sun reports that Adam will start to suspect the other members of his clan – Peter Barlow, Daniel Osbourne and Tracy Barlow – all teamed up in a major conspiracy to kill Ken. As he starts his own investigation, his first attentions turn to Peter.

On the night of Ken’s attack, Peter claims he was visiting Chloe to get her to tell the truth about her lies. He then revealed she cut herself and threatened to tell the police he assaulted her.

And on Friday’s episode of Corrie, she did just that. Her actions left viewers in no doubt that she was the one with something to hide.

Sharing their theories on Twitter, they’re convinced she’s the one who attacked Ken and not any of his family members.

But Adam doesn’t have the same theory, and he thinks Peter’s story isn’t adding up.

He goes to Tracy with his suspicions, but her silence makes him wonder if actually she had something to do with it. And when Luke confesses he’s given Tracy a false alibi for the night of the attack, all the evidence is now pointing to Tracy.

Determined to get the proof he needs, Adam takes Amy out for lunch to find out what she knows about her mum’s movements on the night in question. But she’s not happy with him suggesting her mum was responsible and storms out.

And when she hears him chatting to Peter and Daniel about his belief Tracy did it, Amy picks up the phone and calls the cops.

She tells the police they need to check the fingerprints on Ken’s new kitchen worktops that had been fitted the night he was pushed.

Whose prints are on there? Adam’s of course!

He’s soon arrested for the attack, but did he really do it?

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Fans have been wondering whether it was actually Amy who pushed her grandad. This would certainly be one way of covering her tracks!

Tracy soon starts to suspect the same when her daughter tells her how she called the police on Adam. Could it really be Amy? Twitter users are certainly convinced!