Corrie SPOILER: a second man lined up to attack Bethany

She'll suffer at the hands of another of Nathan's friends

In horribly uncomfortable scenes, Coronation Street’s Bethany Platt has just been forced into sleeping with someone against her will.

Sadly, if we thought this would be enough to make her walk away from older boyfriend, Nathan Curtis, we were mistaken as her ordeal’s due to get even worse when another of Nathan’s friends makes a play for her.

Bethany has fallen under Nathan’s spell as he flatters and charms her. He’s isolated her from her family and made her feel all grown up instead of like a child.

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The teen has now moved in with the older man, believing he loves her and wants to look after her.

But in actual fact, he’s part of a sex ring and wants to offer Bethany out to his sick mates.

After being manipulated into going for a drink with Neil, Bethany signalled to Nathan she was uncomfortable with where the evening was heading as Neil tried to take her into the bedroom.

He had his way with Bethany despite her not wanting it.

This won’t be the last time Bethany is attacked though. As she tries to make sense of what happened to her next week, she feels confused, upset and horrified.

Nathan tries to tell her it turns him on to see her with other men, but when that isn’t really enough to placate her, Nathan’s quick to propose to her to try and get her back on side.

It manages to convince Bethany everything is fine and she gets all excited about being engaged.

When Neil turns up at the salon, Bethany doesn’t like being near the man who attacked her again.

But he’s not alone, he’s turned up with another friend, Ian. Bethany’s creeped out by the pair of them, especially when Neil suggests Nathan throw another party.

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Encouraging him to organise the bash, Neil wants Ian to come along too, and Bethany immediately realises what they’re planning.

Scared, afraid and all alone, Bethany doesn’t know what to do.

As Nathan sets about putting plans in motion for the party, will she tell him how she feels? And how will he react if she doesn’t do exactly what he wants her to?

We’ve seen him get violent before. Is Bethany’s life in danger if he gets aggressive with her?