Corrie: Guilt-stricken Steve confesses baby secret

Steve's feeling so guilty he can't keep the secret of his baby with Leanne quiet any longer.

After suffering the devastating loss of his baby with Michelle, Steve McDonald can’t help but blame himself, and the stress of the situation pushes him to make a big confession…

Knowing Leanne is also carrying his child, Steve thinks the death of little Ruairi was punishment for all his lies and is dealing with the guilt as well as trying to support his wife.

Heartbroken Michelle has shut down and can’t face the outside world. She’s pushing Steve away, which is making him feel even worse.

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Things aren’t helped by insensitive Nick, who has some questions about what happened.

He’s concerned for Leanne’s unborn baby and whether the late miscarriage could have been caused by a genetic defect.

It’s not exactly the best timing though and an upset Steve lashes out and punches Nick!

Michelle’s watching from an upstairs window and, oblivious to the cause of the fight, can’t believe her husband is resorting to violence at such a difficult time.

She decides to visit their son in the chapel of rest without Steve, which is the last straw for the grieving dad and he’s forced to come clean.

He tells his best friend, Peter Barlow, that Leanne is carrying his baby and the loss of Ruairi is punishment for the lies he’s told to Michelle.

Peter’s stunned his ex-wife and his best friend hooked up, but tries to talk some sense into Steve and tell him none of this was his fault. Will Steve listen?

With one more person in the know about the truth, will Peter keep quiet or will he let slip to Michelle?

As the distraught mum starts planning a funeral for her little boy, can she take any more heartache?

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