Corrie: Gay lover for David Platt?

Is the grieving widower going in a whole new direction?

Coronation Street’s David Platt might not remarry after wife Kylie’s death, but he may turn to another man for comfort.

Actor Jack P Shepherd has revealed David could have a change in sexuality after all he’s been through.

Kylie’s tragic death has left David bereft. His revenge plot on her murderer, Clayton, saw him cause a massive accident that left Anna Windass with life-changing burns.

Anna’s now thinking about suing for compensation, and with David just about getting through his grief, this might tip him over the edge.

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But there seems to be a glimmer of hope in the form of newcomer Shona. They first met when she stole his wallet, but she returned it when she discovered pictures of his dead wife in there.

As fans have been quick to jump on the spark between the pair, and speculate that she could be the next Mrs Platt, Jack won’t give anything away.

In an interview with Digital Spy, he revealed that fans “could be” on the right track when thinking of David getting together with Shona.

“Or it could be somebody else. Or it could be no one!

“I think that’s the thing with Corrie. Nothing ever surprises me anymore when it comes to who you get put with.”

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And his suggestion for just who his character might end up with could leave viewers a little stunned…

“I mean, you’ve got people changing their sexuality in the show. Maria’s been with a gay man, and then he went back to being gay! It wouldn’t be surprise me even if I went for a man. Who knows?”

Could we really see it? David Platt falling in love with another man? It’d definitely be a new direction for the character.

Man or woman, Kylie and David were a much-loved partnership, so there’s a chance fans might not react to any new pairing very positively.

“I think it’ll be a shock at first,” Jack agrees.

“But that’s the thing with soap – it moves on quickly. In real life you probably wouldn’t get with somebody else too soon. We will see – there’s nothing coming up as of yet anyway. There’s nothing that I’ve read in scripts.”

We don’t reckon it’ll be too long before David’s back at the forefront of the storylines, but whether it’s with a man or a woman on his arm, we’ll have to wait and see.

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