Corrie fans in uproar at unrealistic sex scenes

It certainly ruffled a few feathers

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Rob Donovan sensationally burst into the courtroom to save Tracy Barlow in last night’s Coronation Street, sacrificing himself in the process.

But viewers were astounded that the pair were allowed time alone in a cell together – and even managed to slip in a quickie before the guards came back.

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Tracy had handed herself into the police for pushing Ken Barlow down the stairs in a bid to protect her daughter, Amy, who Trace believed had done it.

But when Rob confronted Amy about her part in the attack on her grandad, she denied having anything to do with it.

As Tracy stood in the dock, unsure what to answer when asked for her plea, Rob burst into the room and told them she was innocent and had been with him at the time of Ken’s assault.

After the cop went away and checked CCTV, they discovered it was true and therefore neither Tracy nor Rob could have been the culprit.

Even though the police warned this wasn’t the end of it, after all, she had been harbouring an escaped convict, Tracy headed down to the cells, where she was allowed 10 minutes alone with Rob.

What was even more shocking was when Tracy leaned in and said:

“I guess it’s gonna be a while, eh, before you have any female company?”

“Yeah, afraid so,” Rob replied.

“How long did that copper say we’ve got?” Tracy questioned.

“About seven minutes, I reckon,” Rob said as she pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

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Viewers were shocked, with some calling the scenes unrealistic. One commented:

“As if they would let Rob, a convicted murderer have 10mins in the cell with Tracy! The most unrealistic scene in history of soap!”

Others also had their say on the social media site:

But some people believe it’s actually setting up a future storyline for Tracy – that she’s going to be pregnant with Rob’s baby.

These things rarely happen in Soapland without good reason. Will Tracy be giving birth next year to Rob’s child?

And could that mean another stint for Marc Bayliss, who plays the jailbird? He’d surely want to meet his kid, even if it was just from behind bars…