Corrie fans horrified as Sarah makes huge mistake in Bethany case

Has Bethany - not to mention the traumatised viewers - not been through enough?

Viewers were relieved when it felt like the Bethany Platt sex abuse storyline might finally be coming to an end, as her former ‘boyfriend’ Nathan was arrested on sex abuse charges.

But as Bethany and her family discovered that Nathan had been released as there was not enough evidence – understandably leaving them devastated – mum Sarah decided to turn to the worst person ever: rapist policeman Neil.

Thinking that he would be a friendly ear for Bethany, Sarah has no idea that he is actually part of the evil sex ring that groomed and abused her daughter.

The plan came after Mary asked an upset Sarah if there was anyone that Bethany might confide in.

“There was this really lovely sergeant who visited us called Neil,” replied Sarah.


“He was really kind and patient and sat with her,” she added.


“Maybe if I persuade him to dig a bit deeper, who knows what he can come up with?”


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Viewers were outraged too, as they did the 2017 equivalent of shouting at the telly: using caps on Twitter.

One posted: ‘OO SARAH DON’T DO IT’ and another added ‘Nooooooo! Not Neil! Sarah don’t do it to poor Bethany’.

Others were more frustrated with Bethany for not telling her mum the truth.

One posted: “Bethany needs to tell Sarah about Neil” and another added “Aw poor Sarah still doesn’t have a clue about Bethany and Neil.”

Some judged Sarah more harshly, suggesting she was pretty dim for not realising the truth.

“Does Sarah not think it’s weird how Bethany claims she won’t speak to any professional but happily speaks to Neil”.

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Now. How do we put this? Sarah has never been the sharpest of all soap characters guys… so maybe this is totally realistic.

Either way, we’re looking forward to Nathan/ Neil/ the rest all getting their punishments, everyone beginning to move on from this storyline (and Bethany falling massively in love with Craig, obvs).

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