Corrie fans call for Michelle and Robert to get together

Are Michelle and Robert the couple everyone wants to see?

In emotional scenes in Monday’s Corrie, Robert Preston talked Michelle McDonald down from suicide, and now fans want them to get together.

They almost shared a kiss, but Robert played the gent and gently refused her advances – much to the disappointment of some viewers.

It’s no secret Robert’s been harbouring feelings for Michelle for months and some people thought it was getting a bit creepy, given she was pregnant with her husband’s child.

But Michelle tragically lost the baby, Ruairi, at 23 weeks, and she’s been struggling with her grief ever since.

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After Steve took her out for lunch at the Bistro, she got drunk and started making toasts to her son, making the other customers uncomfortable, and causing a row between her and Steve.

As Michelle took off into the night, Steve launched a search party for his missing wife, and it was Robert who tracked her down, perching perilously over the edge of a bridge.

“I don’t think I can live without him being alive,” she told him as he approached.

He gently offered his hand and talked her down, begging her to keep going to honour the memory of her son.

But as he gave her comfort, she moved in to kiss him. He pushed her away and together they walked and talked, and she opened up to him about her grief.

The closeness between them had fans crying out in praise.

Lace and paperflowers tweeted: “Corrie was amazing… Michelle/Robert scenes especially were beautiful and heartwarming [sic]”.

Emma Hynes added: “Great scene between Robert and Michelle, beautifully done”.

But eventually it was her husband Steve who Michelle wanted by her side as she went to be with Ruairi in the chapel of rest.

Despite the fact she’s grieving and all over the place, fans want Michelle and Robert to have an affair – especially given Steve’s betrayal with Leanne.

Amy Louise took to Twitter to express her disappointment:

“I literally thought something was gonna happen between Robert and Michelle tonight then it finished saying she wants Steve whyyyy [sic]”.

Others agreed with her, posting their support of a relationship between the two:

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Perfect match or not, with Steve and Michelle off to Ireland to get away for a bit at the end of this week, it looks like we’ll have to wait a while for the big Leanne baby reveal – and to find out what happens next between Michelle and Robert.

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