Coronation Street: Killer Phelan’s next victim revealed?

Phelan's torturing poor Andy, is there any way out for the young barman?

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Coronation Street’s Pat Phelan is a nasty piece of work and his latest plot sees him use Andy to get revenge on Kevin.

Actor Oliver Farnworth, who’s played Andy for the past two years, revealed on Lorraine, that all of Phelan’s plotting and blackmail has Andy backed into a corner and doing his dark deeds for him.

“Phelan’s using Andy as his puppet now, to exact the revenge that he wants on Kevin,” Oliver told the host.

“You’ve just seen the bit about the pick-up truck – and then there’s the fire at the garage. It’s out there that it happens.”

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In a dramatic new twist, Phelan is set to force Andy to turn arsonist at Kevin’s garage in return for girlfriend Steph’s safety.

After realising a conversation he had with Todd about the property scam was recorded by Kev’s new state-of-the-art CCTV system, Phelan understands he might be caught out over the part he played in it.

Taking no chances, he knows he needs to destroy the footage fast and orders Andy to burn down the garage – or else.

Knowing exactly what Phelan’s capable of, Andy’s left with no choice, but to carry out the attack. But once it’s done, will Phelan leave Andy alone?

Despite rumours he’s leaving the show, Oliver refused to be drawn on them when Lorraine quizzed him, insisting: “I couldn’t possibly say!”

But with his leaving party hitting the headlines last year when the police were called out to it, it looks like Oliver’s definitely off, despite his silence!

Does this mean Phelan’s going to see off Andy at some point soon? Will Pat kill him to keep him quiet?

Or will Phelan just make sure Andy’s in the frame for the arson attack? And will Andy be clever enough to outsmart The Street’s latest villain and take Phelan down with him?

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