Corrie: Chesney’s stabbing leaves viewers outraged for a very weird reason

Erm, yep, it was a health and safety error. Sure!

There were a lot of things that needed discussing after Corrie’s stabbing storyline last night.

Will Chesney survive? Will Rich get caught?

But most importantly, why did no-one think of the health and safety issues of Daniel washing Ches’s blood off in the food preparation sink?

Yes but the sink, guys, THE SINK (Credit: ITV)

In the most contentious use of a restaurant sink since… ok, ever in the history of telly because who has ever cared about a restaurant sink before really, Daniel Osbourne appalled fans by washing his hands in the one that’s used to rinse the courgettes and scrub the potatoes.

Not Ches! Anyone but Ches! (Credit: ITV)

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One tweeted: “Not to be a stickler for the rules but isn’t Daniel washing his hands in the wrong sink? *it’s behind you..*#corrie #healthandsafety.”

Which might be the first time the hashtag #healthandsafety has been used when updating about soap storylines.

Daniel came to Chesney’s aid (Credit: ITV)

Another added: “Oh dear. Daniel washed the blood off his hands in the kitchen.. but not in the sink marked hand wash only! #corrie.”

The outrage continued with: “#Corrie please don’t tell me Daniel washed off Chesney’s blood in the restaurant kitchen sink. I know it’s not real…but still…’

And a fourth adding: “Daniel washing the blood off his hands in the food prep sink and not the handwash one in the background.”

We ourselves are still reeling and have given our hands an extra squirt of anti bac gel today: just, you know, to try and balance things out.

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Meanwhile back in non health and safety world, there was the minor issue of Chesney being stabbed to contend with, after drug dealer Rich attacked him with a wine bottle.

Ches got caught in the middle of a row between Robert and Rich and ended up coming off the worst, leaving Daniel to try and stem his bleeding with a napkin.

Robert then chased after Rich while Michelle stood around looking very panicked.

As the second episode carried on, Ches was slipping in and out of consciousness despite Daniel’s best attempts at small talk on Back To The Future and Toy Story.

He was then taken away by paramedics, with no-one knowing whether he’ll make it.

But never mind that, has anyone disinfected the sink yet?