Coronation Street’s Shayne Ward reveals all about Eva’s revenge on This Morning

It's going to get very messy indeed for the factory boss

Coronation Street’s Shayne Ward has revealed just what character Aidan Connor’s scorned fiancée Eva Price is planning for him when she finds out about his affair with Maria Connor.

Eva is set to discover the truth in tonight’s double bill, but she won’t confront him straight away, instead she’ll put a very big revenge plot into action.

Holly and Phil got the Corrie low down from Shayne (Credit: ITV)

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Chatting with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on Monday’s This Morning, Shayne explained:

“If I was Aidan I would run right now, that is a woman scorned. In past storylines she’s been quite a bunny boiler. She’s going to ruin me.

“She finds out I’m having an affair and decides not to tell me, but to go out and take everything I have.

“She’s very, very conniving, it’s really good.”

Eva returns home sooner than Aidan is expecting (Credit: ITV)

Ouch, that’s going to hurt, given how hard Aidan has worked for the factory. But then again, he does deserve it, doesn’t he?!

Despite admitting he can no longer defend Aidan after Maria restarted their affair and he went along with it, Shayne insisted Aidan is not just a two-dimensional baddie.

“He’s not a complete bad lad, he has made a big mistake. He’s torn.”

Even Shayne can’t defend his character (Credit: ITV)

The actor also admitted to the hosts just how much abuse he’s been getting over the storyline in the streets – and in other strange places.

“I was out at a polo event in Wales and had a lot of things shouted at me,” he laughed, insisting they were only in jest and directed at the character and not him personally.

“The funniest one was in supermarket recently and I could hear kids whispering and they basically asked me in the polite way of saying it, ‘are you sleeping with Maria?’ I asked how old they were and they were 10!”

Eva’s revenge begins on screen tonight when she returns home from her trip early to tell Aidan she thinks she’s pregnant – but he’s in bed with Maria at the time and preparing himself to break things off with Eva.

Maria or Eva – who will he end up with? (Credit: ITV)

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“She’s pregnant,” Shayne revealed. “He doesn’t know what to do now, it’s thrown another spanner in the works. He really is stuck.”

But after discovering she is carrying his child, Eva decides to play the long game and take him to the cleaners.

Previously speaking to Inside Soap about her character’s revenge, Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Eva has revealed: “”It’s quite extreme – I don’t think I could ever do anything like this!

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