Coronation Street’s Nathan turns VIOLENT in shocking scenes

He's evil through and through

Corrie showed us a glimpse of nasty Nathan Curtis’s violent side on Friday night’s episode.

He lashed out at his assistant Mel, leaving viewers even more fearful for Bethany’s safety than they were before.

It all started when Bethany began filming a new vlog with Mel. As Bethany was looking through Mel’s laptop she came across a picture of Mel and Nathan kissing.

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The photo had been updated that very day, but Mel tried to pass it off as being ages ago.

Even if she was taken in by that obvious lie, Bethany still raged that both Mel and Nathan had told her nothing had ever happened between them.

She confronted Nathan, who didn’t take her questions well. He called her a “stroppy teenager having a hissy fit”, and as she stormed out, we all cheered!

Nathan was fuming and absolutely determined to make Mel pay for her mistake. He turned on her at the tanning salon, telling her he thought he could trust her.

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He ordered her to open the till and take out £50, which confused Mel. But not for long when she reached inside the till and he slammed it shut on her hand as she yelped in pain. Ouch.

“You make one more mistake and you will be taking her place, do you understand?” he asked as a tearful Mel nodded.

For weeks fans have been wondering exactly why Mel has been so agreeable to doing Nathan’s bidding in his quest to groom Bethany to pimp out to his mates. But now we know he’s got her under his control too.

Viewers were horrified at the violence and voiced their upset on Twitter.

And if we were thinking Bethany was safe now she’d ditched Nathan, unfortunately when she overheard her mum, Sarah, telling Gary how relieved she was it was over, it got her back up and it looks like she’s going to go crawling back to her older boyfriend.

With Nathan only weeks away from offering Bethany to his mates, can Mel find a way to stand up to Nathan and save Bethany before it’s too late?