Coronation Street’s Chris Harper confirms Nathan WILL go to prison

Evil Nathan will get sent down for his crimes

It’s the news every Corrie fan has been waiting for – Nathan Curtis will be sent to jail for grooming Bethany Platt.

The storyline has been pretty harrowing to watch. Bethany, who is 16, has fallen under Nathan’s spell as he promised her the world.

He even proposed to keep her on side, which made her feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Nathan proposed to Bethany to keep her sweet (Credit: ITV)

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He has managed to isolate her from her family and persuade her that sleeping with other men is part of a normal adult relationship.

Even when her family found out what had been going on and burst in to rescue her from a room with three strange guys, Bethany couldn’t see what was happening was wrong.

Bethany didn’t want Nathan to be arrested (Credit: ITV)

As she plots to run away to Belgium with him, she has no idea he plans to take her there and abandon her with a man to sell her on.

Mary finds her packing and tries desperately to get the teen to stay, but Bethany won’t listen, and flees to what she believes will be her happy ending.

Kind Mary wants to help, but Bethany doesn’t listen (Credit: ITV)

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How wrong she is and as the Platt family launch a search to find their girl, Nathan is starting to show his true colours to Bethany.

So while policeman Neil is thwarting the force’s efforts to find her, Bethany is starting to realise the situation she’s in isn’t right.

Speaking to The Sun Online about the culmination of the plot, actor Chris Harper, who plays Nathan, revealed:

“It’s so difficult for victims to come round to the point that they are willing to testify against somebody they thought loved them, so we’re going to be watching her go through that journey.

“The good thing is that Nathan will be in prison for that.

“His tentacles don’t quite stretch that far, but we haven’t seen that yet.”

Chris Harper has confirmed Nathan will pay for his crimes (Credit: ITV)

He also told the publication that he’s got a while to go filming on the soap, so we know the comeuppance won’t come quite yet, but it’s a relief to know he will face justice eventually.

Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany, has previously spoken about how she wants to see Nathan go down.

“I want to see him in prison,” she told “It’s important that we show people that if it’s happening to them, Nathan does go to prison.”

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