Coronation Street: Will Shona rescue Bethany from Nathan?

She could hold the key to Bethany's survival

Viewers have been uncomfortable for weeks as evil Nathan Curtis grooms Bethany Platt.

But now it’s emerged that Shona Ramsay could be the one to save Bethany from his clutches – that is, if it’s not too late.

Shona was revealed as killer Clayton Higgs’ mother last week, after she visited him in prison and confessed all to Gail about who she really was.

But we’ve also always known she has a past with Nathan, we just didn’t know exactly what.

Shona and Nathan were apparently previously a couple, and he only met Bethany when he followed Shona to Coronation Street.

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Speaking to OK! Magazine about what this connection means, actress Julia Goulding said:

“They were going out with each other and then when Shona sort of realised, I think it was heading in the same direction so she just told him to do one.”

Next week will see Nathan’s plan step up a gear as he persuades Bethany to go for a drink with his friend Neil. Then when Bethany and Neil return and find Nathan’s throwing another party, things quickly escalate.

The teen signals to her boyfriend that she’s uncomfortable, but he does nothing to stop it, and she ends up being attacked by Neil.

Viewers will be crying out for someone to rescue Bethany, so is that person Shona? She’s one of the few people who knows what he’s really like.

“[Shona] will be finding out that Bethany’s Nathan is her Nathan and the repercussions of that will probably be quite huge,” Julia added.

Chris Harper, who plays Nathan, recently revealed to Digital Spy:

“Shona has got scars and various signs of damage that she has taken from her time with Nathan, but she escaped.

“I think the clock is ticking on that one.”

With things getting worse before they get better for Bethany, we hope Shona connects the dots sooner rather than later and saves her.

Fans are also speculating Shona’s connection to Nathan could mean something else – that he’s Clayton’s dad.

One viewer posted to Twitter: “Bet Nathan’s his dad or something #Corrie,”

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Another echoed: “So is Nathan Clayton’s dad? #Corrie.”

And the theories kept coming…

“Guessing Nathan is Clayton’s dad in #corrie after doing to shona what hes now doing to Bethany!,” wrote another.

A further fan questioned: “Is Clayton’s dad Nathan? Did he groom Shona when she was underage? Has he been this way since a teenager? #Corrie.”

Another added: “That would make sense that Shona got pregnant so young if Nathan did the same thing he is doing to Bethany #Corrie #coronationstreet.”

“Ewwww! Please tell me that Nathan isn’t Clayton’s dad. #Corrie is becoming scarier by the minute or is it just in my head?” wrote another.