Coronation Street SPOILER: Tracy to leave as she goes on the run?

Rob's escape plan might come with some extra baggage

Corrie’s Tracy Barlow’s got herself in a right mess – again.

Not only is she hiding her fugitive lover Rob Donovan, but she’s now decided she needs to protect her daughter, Amy, from the police.

Trace has started to suspect Amy might have been involved in pushing Ken down the stairs.

After Amy reported Adam to the police and had him arrested, Tracy began to wonder just why her girl was so desperate to see her cousin behind bars for the crime.

When the worried mum then found a wad of cash stashing inside Amy’s teddy bear, she realised Amy might just be her grandad’s attacker – well, like mother, like daughter.

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Tracy’s also growing more attached to Rob again following his escape from prison. After spending the afternoon with him, his words about how things could have been so different for them struck a chord and she came up with a plan.

She told Rob she wanted to run away with him – and bring Amy with them.

Rob didn’t look hugely pleased by the idea, but the thought of being one big happy family – albeit on the run – just won’t leave Tracy.

As Rob plans his big getaway to the Peak District with the help of his dodgy pals, Tracy is determined to protect Amy from the police investigation.

It’s not long before the cops soon come to a similar conclusion to Tracy and want to talk to Amy. Desperate Tracy grabs her things and her and her daughter’s passports and heads off quickly.

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As she returns to Rob and tells him they’re going with him, will this be the end for Tracy?

Did Amy really have anything to do with Ken’s assault? And is Tracy doing the right thing by helping her girl get away?

A future on the run with Rob might seem really glamorous right now, but it’s surely going to all come crashing down around her before too long?

Can they really make this work? And does Rob really even want to?