Coronation Street SPOILER: Summer makes her choice – but will it be Billy and Todd?

Summer is torn between her grandparents and the boys, who will she choose?

Billy Mayhew and Todd Grimshaw are delighted next week when they’re unexpectedly reunited with Summer –  Billy’s ex, Drew’s daughter who wanted them to take in after his death. Still with us?

Who will Summer pick? Hmmm, it’s tricky huh? (credit: ITV)

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Tilly had pretty much given up hope that they’d be able to honour Drew’s dying wish after his mother, Geraldine, sent them packing at his funeral, telling them they’d never see the youngster again. Yep, what a hun.

The homophobic witch even threatened to call the police on the boys if they tried to get in touch with Summer again (although we’re not quite sure what crime they’d be committing.)

But don’t worry! Things take an unexpected turn next week when Todd and Billy move into the flat above the florists – and soon get a visit from Summer.

She tells Tilly how much she hates living with Geraldine and her granddad, Angus, and she’d much rather be with them. Like obvs.

It was Drew’s dying wish that the lads took Summer in (credit: ITV)

But is there anything they can do?

Well, as it turns out, there’s a legal document saying that Drew’s dying wish was for Summer to live with Todd and Billy.

What a stroke of luck, huh?

So things take a swing in Tilly’s favour and Summer has to choose who she wants to live with – the grandparents that disowned her dad for being gay, or the current holder of Corrie’s best couple title.

It’s a tough one, huh?

Summer has already won over Todd’s stone cold heart (credit: ITV)

We are beyond stoked about Summer (potentially) becoming part of Tilly’s family. We think Todd will absolutely thrive  as a dad.

And hopefully it means more screen-time for Tilly. It’s a YAY from us.

But just when things are looking super-cosy at the flat, Tracy Barlow drops in and asks the lads to look after Amy while she works.

Amy and Summer – so who thinks that’s a good idea? (credit: ITV)

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Are Amy and Summer a terrible idea together, or an uber-friendship in the making? Can’t wait to see how that turns out.