Coronation Street SPOILER: Shona beaten up by Nathan

It's a brutal beating that leaves Shona in a bad way

It’s the moment we’ve been hanging on for in the Bethany Platt abuse storyline – Shona Ramsay finally works out her ex-boyfriend is the same Nathan Curtis who’s grooming Bethany.

Bravely putting her own life at risk, she confronts Nathan ordering him to stop, but Nathan doesn’t take kindly to her interference.

After overhearing Craig Tinker talk about how he doesn’t like Bethany’s boyfriend Nathan who owns a tanning salon, Shona realises exactly who the vulnerable teen is dating and heads straight over there.

She tells Nathan he has to stay away from Bethany, who he’s been grooming for months, and is pimping out to his friends.

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Bethany believes she’s engaged to Nathan and he’s managed to convince her adults in normal, grown up relationships do this sort of thing all the time. But she’s starting to feel increasingly uncomfortable as things are getting worse.

Shona knows what Nathan must be up to with Bethany, but he doesn’t want to hear what she has to say and menacingly grabs her wrist, insisting she owes him.

Making a run for it, a shaken Shona takes out her phone and calls the police, but as she’s walking and talking, two strange men approach her down an alleyway and knock her phone away.

They grab her and throw her to the ground. The violent attack they then inflict upon her leaves her unconscious.

It’s young Craig who stumbles across her lifeless body and is horrified by what he sees.

He immediately calls an ambulance and they rush to the scene and take Shona to hospital.

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Fortunately, Shona wakes up, and when she regains consciousness, her first thought is for Bethany.

Discharging herself straight away, she gets back to the Street and warns David Bethany is in danger.

She tells him the horrible truth about what sort of person Nathan really is, and together with Sarah and Gary, they rush over there to rescue Bethany.

But with Nathan planning the worst set up yet for his victim, will they get there in time to save her from his sick party?