Coronation Street SPOILER: Sarah takes Bethany hostage

She finally decides to get her daughter away from Nathan

Fans have been calling for Corrie’s Sarah Platt to rescue daughter Bethany for months, and it looks like she’s finally going to take action next week.

Finding the vulnerable teen dressed provocatively and passed out, Sarah takes her home – and locks her in.

The drastic action comes after Sarah invites her daughter to a wedding fayre to try and hold out an olive branch to her after their recent ups and downs.

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But Nathan doesn’t like the idea and forces Bethany to stand her mum up because he’s planning another one of his parties.

Bethany’s terrified, knowing what this means, after she was forced to sleep with one of Nathan’s friends at his last bash. But Nathan is insistent and dresses her in a skimpy outfit before plying her with booze.

As she drinks to cope with the situation, he heads off to collect Ian, who is next in line to sleep with Bethany.

But Sarah’s furious her daughter never turned up to meet her and is on her way round to the flat. She finds the salon door open, so lets herself in and is stunned by what she sees.

“It’s only early evening,” Tina O’Brien, who plays Sarah, told Inside Soap magazine. “But Bethany is clearly drunk and dressed provocatively. Sarah demands to know why she’s so wasted and, as they argue, Bethany passes out.

“That’s when the real panic starts for Sarah because she can’t get any response out of her.”

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She immediately calls her boyfriend, Gary Windass, and he rushes round. Together they manage to get Bethany home, which is where Sarah makes a big decision that she’s going to keep her daughter there.

As Bethany wakes up, she’s horrified to realise she’s not at Nathan’s and is late for his party. She doesn’t have her phone and she knows how angry he’ll be, so she’s desperate to get back to him.

However, all hell breaks loose when she finds out Sarah has locked all the doors.

Finding herself a prisoner at the Platts’, Bethany goes nuts, smashing things and sending ornaments flying.

The hold Nathan has over Bethany is clear and Sarah doesn’t know what to do. Will she realise the true extent of what’s really going on?

Or will she end up letting her daughter go back to the man who’s abusing her?