Coronation Street SPOILER: Robert turns killer?

He's got a dark side and he's not afraid to bring it out

Like most people in Coronation Street, Robert Preston is hiding some secrets from his past that he hoped would never come out.

And this time, they don’t involve Tracy Barlow, they revolve around drug dealer Rich, who pitched up in the Bistro last week and gave Daniel Osbourne the drugs he needed for his overdose.

Rich is set to make his presence felt more and more, but as Robert tries to keep girlfriend Michelle Connor in the dark about their connection, will he turn to murder to keep his secret safe?

Robert wasn’t best pleased to see Rich (Credit: ITV)

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As it looks set to emerge that Robert has a criminal past himself and that’s how he’s connected to Rich, the dealer just refuses to disappear back out of his life.

Desperate to keep previous life from Michelle, Robert tackles Rich and lashes out, beating him to a pulp.

In pictures from on location, Robert was seen looming over Rich, preparing to keep him quiet for good. But will he be able to go through with killing him?

Next week, Rich arrives back at the Bistro where a shaken Robert throws him out.

We don’t like where this is going (credit: ITV)

But, like a bad smell, Rich just won’t go away and Robert is unnerved even more so when he spots Rich chatting to Michelle.

Later, he takes Robert aside and tells him that he has to launder money through the Bistro for him or else.

Robert quickly refuses to do any such thing, but Rich then threatens that he’ll reveal some stuff to Michelle if Robert doesn’t play ball.

A very angry Robert responds by slamming Rich against a wall, warning him never to return.

Robert REALLY doesn’t want Rich spilling the beans about his dark past (Credit: ITV)

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But now it looks like this really won’t be the end of it.

Obviously, what he SHOULD do is just ‘fess up and tell Michelle the truth himself – but we can’t see that happening.

Can we actually see him as cold-blooded murderer though?

Should Pat Phelan be watching his back? Does he have killer competition?