Coronation Street SPOILER: Rob caught – and killed?

It's not looking like Rob and Tracy are gonna get their sunset ending, tbh

We all know by now that when it comes to Soap Law, the ruling Soap Gods are very keen on the old ‘an eye for an eye’ method of atonement.

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Bearing in mind that Rob Donovan was the one who killed Tina – how much do we miss that girl – McIntrye, surely his own demise is the only fitting ending?

Tracy Barlow, who is no real stranger to police pressure, has whisked her equally shady offspring, Amy, off for a ‘surprise holiday’ to a cottage in the Peak District.

Unknown to the potential juvenile Ken Barlow wannabe killer – that’s Amy – Tracy is concealing escaped convicted murderer, Rob, in the cottage too.

What an unholy trinity.

After sending Amy out for some ‘air’ (what?), Tracy assures Rob that she’ll tell her spawn of satan daughter the truth soon. But Rob is left feeling less than reassured when a neighbour spots him. Uh-oh.

Tracy assures Rob that she truly loves him, while back on the Street Ken and Steve McDonald come to the conclusion that Tracy must have attacked Ken and is now on the run.

Their concern grows deeper when they find out that Amy hasn’t been to school and both of their passports are missing.

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Ken and Steve report Tracy and Amy to the police as missing, meanwhile Rob meets up with a dodgy ‘mate’ who urges him to ditch the girls if he wants to really escape.

Then Rob catches sight of Tracy and Amy on a missing persons appeal on’t telly, and pleads with her to go home and leave him to go on the run by himself.

Meanwhile, Amy, bored of being cooped up, calls Steve. But how much does she tell him?

It’s not long before it’s apparent she’s told him everything and the police arrive. Leaked pics have shown armed police surrounding the cottage, but it’s not known if Rob lives or dies.

Speaking to, Marc Bayliss, who plays the fugitive, refused to give the game away but said the situation is very much do or die for Rob.

So will he be leaving on a jet plane – or in a body bag??