Coronation Street SPOILER: Phelan reveals everything to Nicola

Pat's about to drop a bombshell on his secret daughter

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We take a little trip down memory lane with Pat Phelan in next week’s Corrie as he heads to Liverpool with Seb and Nicola Rubenstein, before shocking her with the news he could be her father.

Is Phelan ready to be a dad? (credit: ITV)

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Nicola bears a strong resemblance to a woman in Pat’s past and he starts doing some digging to find out who she is.

Eileen gets the wrong end of the stick when Phelan actually wears a tie to work. She’s confused as to why he’s so keen to impress Nicola, who is helping Seb adjust to life outside of the young offender’s unit. She thinks that Pat’s head has been turned by the pretty newcomer, but she couldn’t be more wrong.

Phelan, Nicola and Seb head to Liverpool to attend an ex-offender’s talk – and Phelan takes the opportunity to quiz Nicola about her family and upbringing, trying to work out if he really could be her dad.

What will Nicola think about Pat’s bombshell (credit: ITV)

Nicola starts to grow uncomfortable as he asks her about her parents. Unsurprisingly with a stranger giving her the third degree.

Later, Phelan gets his friend to provide some documents on Nicola, which seem to confirm some of his suspicions.

Unfortunately, Nicola overhears him talking to his mate and confronts him as to what the hell he’s playing at!

A trip down memory lane for Phelan (credit: ITV)

Phelan, caught off guard, tells Nicola that he thinks he knows her dad. Nicola offers to arrange a meeting between the two of them.

But when Phelan arrives at the agreed meeting point, he notices it’s a bench with a plaque dedicated to Nicola’s dead parents.

In the meantime, Nicola has done some digging of her own, but she isn’t prepared for the bombshell Phelan drops – he thinks he’s her dad.

Is Nicola really Phelan’s daughter? (credit: ITV)

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What happens next? Will Nicola believe him?

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