Coronation Street SPOILER: Nathan plots to abandon Bethany abroad

The evil groomer has a plan for his victim

With Corrie’s Bethany Platt still besotted with horrible Nathan Curtis, he knows he has to act quick to get his money’s worth out of her.

Although the Platts have her safely back home, Sarah and her boyfriend Gary Windass have no idea Bethany is plotting to run away to Belgium with her creepy fella.

Convinced Nathan truly loves her, despite the fact he forced her to sleep with other men, including putting her into a situation where she was trapped in a bedroom with three guys, Bethany still thinks Nathan’s the man for her.

Bethany has been subjected to some horrible things by Nathan (Credit: ITV)

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As well as abusing her, burning her with a cigarette and manipulating and controlling her every move, Nathan still seems to have Bethany right where he wants her.

Insisting they are fleeing to Belgium to be together, Nathan urges Bethany to pack her things and leave as quickly as possible.

However he has no idea Sarah has thwarted his plans by destroying Bethany’s passport so she can’t go anywhere.

When Mary calls round to visit Bethany, she realises what’s going on, but will her pleas to make Bethany see what Nathan’s doing is wrong, work?

Mary wants to help Bethany (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Nathan is putting the final pieces of his plan into place. But what exactly is he plotting?

“He’s going to leave her high and dry in Belgium, with a ‘friend’ of his,” Chris Harper, who plays Nathan, revealed to Inside Soap.

“Nathan wants to wash his hands of Bethany and move on. She’s been a lot of trouble, and this is his last chance to cash in on her.”

So he’s planning to get her out of the country and leave her all alone with a strange man.

Will Bethany be able to escape Nathan’s clutches? (Credit: ITV)

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Can someone, anyone, help Bethany before it’s too late?

If she’s left all alone and terrified with her family totally unaware of where she is, is it going to be too late to rescue her?

Let’s hope that missing passport is enough to put the brakes on Nathan’s plan and stop Bethany’s torment once and for all.

But with the police in his back pocket, thanks to Neil, just who will help Bethany?

“It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for,” Chris explained. Does that mean Nathan is finally about to get caught?