Coronation Street SPOILER: Leanne offers to help Toyah have a baby

Leanne moves in and has an interesting offer for the couple

A new era is about to kick off in Coronation Street as Peter Barlow and Toyah Battersby take over the Rovers Return.

Ladies and gentleman, the new land-people of the Rovers Return (credit: ITV)

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We’re still not quite convinced how much of a good idea it is to have a recovering alcoholic running a pub, but we’ll go along with it -for now.

Anyway, it’s something of a double-celebration when Toyah thinks she might be pregnant. But their happy little bubble looks set to burst. Yes, that quickly.

Leanne turns up at the Rovers, with Simon and Oliver in tow, and explains she’s been kicked out of her flat as Nick is selling it and new tenants are moving in. Poor form there from Nick.

Toyah struggles a bit when Peter suggests that Leanne and the kids move into the Rovers until she finds somewhere else.

It’s a slightly awkward situation as, obviously, Peter and Leanne were once married and raising Simon together.

They split when Leanne had an affair with Nick, and because of Peter’s drinking, so that will make for some nice conversation over breakfast.

But Leanne has a surprise up her sleeve when she reveals she’s been given a cheque for £25,000 for her share of the flat sale.

Leanne wants to help the couple have a baby (credit: ITV)

She offers to give the money to Toyah and Peter for their expensive IVF treatment, which doesn’t really make any sense considering she’s now a homeless, single mum.

Will Peter and Toyah accept her offer – or will they do the decent thing and tell her to hang on to her money because that’s a lot of rent and food there.

It’s rumoured that Leanne will eventually end up with former Rover landlord and Oliver’s baby daddy, Steve McDonald.

Leanne and Steve had a one night stand when Steve believed his marriage to Michelle Connor was over.

Ironically, it was the discovery of the liaison and the paternity of Oliver being revealed that actually spelled the end Steve and Michelle’s marriage.

Will Leanne be the sixth Mrs McDonald? (credit: ITV)

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Reports suggest that we’ll soon see Steve getting down on one knee and proposing to Leanne. If she accepts, she’ll be the sixth Mrs Steve McDonald!

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