Coronation Street SPOILER: Kevin and Erica: It’s on

Yes. It looks like Kevin is at it again.

Well. They say that leopards never change their spots and it certainly looks like that’s the case with KEVIN WEBSTER.

The look of love? (credit: ITV)

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He’s already had affairs behind ex-wife Sally’s back with Natalie Horrocks and then Tyrone Hobbs’ wife, Molly.

And now it looks as if he’s going to betray current squeeze, Anna Windass, by smooching Dev’s missus, Erica Holroyd. OH KEVIN!

Poor Anna has not been in a good place since she was accidentally set on fire last year, during David Platt’s attempt to blow himself and Clayton Hibbs into smithereens.

And, unsurprisingly considering the painful burns all over her legs followed by painful operations, Anna has gone off sex.

Well, Kev’s been patient (ha) but as Anna continues to avoid getting intimate with the mechanic, Kev starts to get frustrated.

“A man has needs, Anna” – bet he says that (credit: ITV)

He even goes as far as quizzing nurse Rana about Anna’s medication. When he discovers that one of the side effects is low libido, he prints off a load of info.

Kev then gets a tongue-lashing (not in the way he hoped) from Anna, after she realises that Faye and Seb are back together.

When she finds a condom wrapper and realises they’ve had sex, she blows her top. And Kevin is in the firing line.

A cross Kev storms out and ends up sharing drinks with Erica. Now then everyone, what’s the one thing we know about sharing drinks alone with someone in a soap? It leads to an affair!

Just look at how Maria and Aidan started out.

Anyway, it’s not long before Erica leans in for a snog with the strangely magnetic Mr Webster. But does he give into temptation?

Bottoms up! (credit: ITV)

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Did you not hear us? It’s Kevin Webster. Of course he does.

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