Coronation Street SPOILER: Is Ken Barlow Phelan’s next victim?

Ken's made yet another enemy in Weatherfield

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Things in the Barlow family are about to explode, and Ken decides to vent his anger on Pat Phelan.

Big mistake, Ken. Huge.

We all know the killer builder’s not someone to be messed with – but will he turn on Ken next?

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Ken’s having a very difficult week with his clan – Tracy and Amy are playing up, Daniel hates him after what happened with Sinead, Adam’s not in a forgiving mood either, and Peter’s furious after his father told Toyah he was having an affair with Chloe.

Fed up of his family, Ken has a meltdown at Pat who’s still finishing off the Barlows’ kitchen refit.

He tells him he’s taking far too long to install everything and he wants it finished asap. He sticks the knife in when he says no one else on the street would give Phelan the time of day, yet Ken gave him a chance and he wants thanks for that.

But Phelan isn’t one to lick anybody’s boots and as he quietly seethes, is he plotting revenge on Ken?

A Corrie insider told Inside Soap’s latest issue that Ken had better watch his back.

“As viewers know, Phelan is not a man to get on the wrong side of.

“He has a pretty short temper and when he snaps, you know all about it!

“Ken could just have made himself a dangerous new enemy by crossing Phelan.”

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We’ll say he has. Just look at what happened to Andy Carver when he took Phelan on.

He ended up dead, and he was a young, fit guy. There’s no way ailing Ken could overpower Phelan in a similar situation.

Ken might have been around a while, but is he any match for scheming Phelan? Is Phelan really going to KILL Ken?