Coronation Street SPOILER: Horror as Nathan proposes to Bethany

It's not happy engagement news for anyone

Still reeling from what happened with Neil at Nathan’s party, Corrie’s Bethany Platt goes home to her mum for some TLC.

But when Nathan learns she’s slipping away, he goes to drastic lengths to get her back on side – and asks her to marry him. Will she say yes?

“[Bethany] goes home because she wants Sarah to be a strict mum,” Lucy Fallon, who plays Bethany, explained to Inside Soap. “But Sarah follows Gary’s advice and is deliberately cool, so Bethany reckons her mum isn’t bothered about her any more.”

Bethany does find an unlikely ally in Mary, though, who she visits at the flower shop.

But Nathan’s realised where she is and is on his way to find her, determined to make sure she comes home with him.

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He turns on the charm, coaxes her away from Mary and gets her back to his place. But Bethany’s still unsure why he’d be okay with her sleeping with Neil.

Nathan tells her that it “turns him on” when she’s with other men, but will Bethany really buy it?

Wanting to make sure she gets rid of her doubts about him, Nathan gets Mel to help Bethany ‘accidentally’ discover he was going to propose, by showing her an engagement ring.

Immediately won over, Bethany feels awful for doubting him and for walking out on him.

So when Nathan goes down on one knee, Bethany conveniently forgets everything that’s happened and joyfully accepts.

“When Nathan proposes to her it makes her think that he must really love her.

“The proposal resets how she feels about Nathan.”

But Sarah won’t be happy when she finds out her teen daughter is engaged to a man Sarah hates – surely now she’ll put a stop to things?

“Sarah sees the engagement on her social media page,” Lucy told “[Bethany’s] updated it to engaged.

“So she comes to the salon and gives Bethany a card and says: ‘I don’t accept it, I’m still not happy, but I will choose to support you. I can either fight you or support you, but I choose to support you.’

“Sarah is trying to do everything right and be alongside Bethany rather than fight her all the time.”

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But really Sarah should be stepping in and making it clear she won’t allow the wedding to go ahead.

That becomes even more apparent when Neil turns up at the salon with another mate, Ian, in tow. He suggests Nathan throw another party.

With Bethany uncomfortable in his presence, how will she feel when she realises what happened between them wasn’t just a one off?

Will she be forced to go through yet another horrendous ordeal at Neil’s hands? And will that be enough to get her to leave Nathan?